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Those who are familiar with land-based gambling should have no problem in making the transition to waging over the Internet.

The same basic notions apply for both types of sports betting and the only difference is that when you take your hobby online, you enjoy more flexibility and mobility.

There are multiple choices that punters need to take into account, with the most important initial decision being the one of choosing between numerous bookmakers.

Start on the right foot

Among the initial challenges that all punters need to overcome before actually placing their wagers is to choose a reliable bookmaker. The paradox of choice is self-evident these days, when there are so many operators out there that it is hard to single out the most reliable ones.


The basic guidelines include finding a bookie that has been around for a while to build a solid reputation, offers a nice selection of sports, decent bonuses and also a professional customer support.

In order to start on the right foot, you need to have the proper bankroll management and just as the name suggests, it all begins with a single deposit. The idea is to invest only funds that you can afford to lose, without committing too little, because this would deprive you of the chance to place lucrative bets.

The bottom line is that new customers need to have enough resources at their disposal to weather downswings, without getting crushed by the pressure of real money wagering.

Make informed decisions and keep it cool

Once you start your online gambling routine, it is vital to always stay in control and there are a couple of things to do to make this happen. It all begins with deciding for one sport or the other and analyzing the odds available on the games of interest.

This shouldn't be too difficult if you placed wagers before and it is recommended not to settle for lines of less than 1.91 for events that have a 50% chance to occur.
When betting in real-time it is preferable to team up with a bookmaker that offers live streaming, so you can monitor action as it unfolds.

Otherwise, make use of charts, tables and any statistics you can get your hands on to maximize the chances of picking winners.

Exercising bankroll management and refraining from betting larger amounts in an attempt of chasing losses is every bit as important, as the main challenge is to ward off tilt.