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Grosvenor is very picky when it comes to choosing partners, simply because it wants to offer its players the very best logo grosvenorservices. The risks of shaking hands with mediocre companies are mitigated by having a very serious screening process in place.

However, every now and then they find developers and industry leaders worth joining forces with. Captain Up is a shining example, as the real-time engagement and retention platform is one of the best out there.

Right now, the two companies shook hands and this promises to be a mutually beneficial agreement. Players will have the chance to enjoy even better games and cutting-edge gamification, communication and social tools will make their gaming experience much better. Playtech is the software developer that powers the casino and many other online gambling operators and all of them will benefit from this partnership. The deal between the software developer and Captain Up was recently announced.

The social gaming mechanics employed by them will produce beneficial effects on the long-term. There will be various competitions, tournaments, leaderboard and several solutions for players who want to enjoy incremental rewards. The goal is to make sure that the loyalty of players is lavishly rewarded, so they have additional reasons to stick around and play the games. In the long run, everybody wins as a result of this approach, while customer retention is guaranteed.

This new partnership with increase the revenues of Grosvenor and maximize user engagement. Brand loyalty is also going to be maximize and the real-time communication tools were get players fully immersed into the gaming atmosphere. Speaking of social interaction, the Captain Up platform is the perfect choice for employing specific gaming mechanics. Activity feeds can be shared by players with their peers and this will also bring in new customers.

Shimon Akad, COO, Playtech expressed his enthusiasm for this deal and told the media that they thought about the partnership for a long time. Apparently, Captain Up was on their radar for some time, but only today did the ones enjoying their games benefit from the agreement.

Uri Admon, Founder and CEO, Captain Up came up with a statement soon after and he’s just as happy with the agreement. It looks like the two companies will work together for a long time and players will be the ultimate beneficiaries.